We endeavour to provide all our customers with the highest possible level of satisfaction, preferring the old adage “It is better to underpromise and then overdeliver” in favour of excessive marketing promises and self promotion.

We believe you will be more than satisfied with our work, so much so in fact that almost all our work is sourced via personal recommendation by previous clients. While imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, recommendation is the most sincere form of advertising.

We are so confident that you will be totally satisfied with our work, that we offer the following limited promise should you find any fault: We will do whatever possible to redress any concern or issue any customer has with the quality or quantity of our work within reason even if that means we will incur a financial loss on the transaction. We are so confident of the quality of work we provide that we can afford to take the risk of us failing to deliver on your behalf, thus making your choice of using our services even that much more safer than many larger companies are willing to allow. This ethic is echoed in our other services where we are able to offer a ‘Service Catalog’ of work at fixed prices to you – giving you the security of known costs while we take on the risk of work taking longer than expected.